About Us

Our Story

Our story is quite simple really. The owner moved to East Tennessee about 10 years ago, (as of 2024). We wanted to bring something different to the area both in the way of the food and the personality of our Mobile Kitchen. During March of 2023, the owner was recovering from bicep tendon surgery and starting thinking about what he could do next. The idea evolved into what you see now. A family business that creates subs and sandwiches with a New England flare. While the day to day menu is pretty consistent the catering is done, well….to cater to what you like. We set out to make as much as possible fresh like our Marinara sauce from a family recipe, and our tiramisu on the catering menu. We also set out to being some real Italian deli meats like Mortadella to the menu in the form of our signature Italian sub with five meats. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and come see us on a regular basis!

Meet The Owner: Chris Colotti

Chris spent over 25 years in the Information Technology Industry as a highly successful technologist. His career spanned multiple companies, a long running technical blog, as well as published works such as white papers, in the IT space. He’s also help run his wife’s Promotional Products business as the back office finance and support person. Growing up in New Hampshire, he always saw the men of the family, (his dad, his grandfathers, his uncles), doing much of the cooking. While not a trained chef, his entrepreneurial spirit, technology knowledge, marketing background, and love of food and seeing people enjoy food, are the foundation to the business. His lead Chef below is responsible for the food, the menu, and most of the recipes outside of the core Colotti family ones. Chris also wanted to apply his love of technology to the business itself, which you will see in the form of the mobile app, online ordering, and other aspects. These are also to make your experience more seamless in every way. Chris has lived in Greeneville for the last 10 years.

Meet The Chef: Coming Soon