Who Is Li’l Angelo?

People have already started asking, “Who is Li’l Angelo?”  Well his story is simple actually.  

He’s named after my Great Uncle, Angelo Deluca, or “Uncle Lolo” as we all called him as kids.  He owned and operated a deli himself in Revere, MA and lived above it in his apartment with his wife.  As kids we used to visit on occasion and Uncle Lolo would take us down to the storefront and let us pick out some candy.  He always snuck us half dollars when our parents weren’t looking.  He also made and sold his own sausage along with all the other things you’d find in a small corner Deli.  So now you know who Li’l Angelo is named after, but what about the rest?

Everything about our friend has a purpose.  Let’s start with his clothes.  What he’s wearing is a variation on what’s known as “A Fall River Tuxedo”.  Traditionally, that is a hoodie with a sport coat, but in Angelo’s case he’s elected to go with the flannel jacket, but it’s close enough, and let’s face it he just wants to be comfortable.

You may have already figured out the colors too, but…..

Let’s remember, Li’l Angelo is originally from New England, and he lives here in Tennessee now.  Like many of us he’s found a love for the area, and the people.  No matter what, Angelo is a huge sports fan, both of New England, and of Tennessee.  So you may have already guessed that his hoodie is Tennessee VOLS Orange, but his cap is Boston Celtics green and gold.

The inspiration for him came from a few places, but in the world of food trucks, we’ve already learned you have to have a story.  Angelo is part of that story and in fact represents our real family and youth of the past, but also our current and future as residents of the great state of Tennessee.  You will see more of Li’l Angelo for sure especially on the truck graphics itself.

2 thoughts on “Who Is Li’l Angelo?

  1. I am so glad to have a piece of home close by. I miss the food everyday and just can’t find too much similar any where in the south. Cannot wait to try some of your food…if I haven’t already as I grew up visiting revere all the time.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Please grab the mobile app for sure and we will be open soon. We’ve had a minor setback with some of the new equipment but we will work through it. More info on FB/IG

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