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Cash or Credit, You Pay The Same

As we get closer to hitting the road, the topic of “Convenience Fees” and “Surcharges” is something we see lately as a consumer ourselves. Interestingly we had a question on our November Survey about this and the responses were interesting. We will show those down below but let’s hit the main point from our perspective as a merchant and as a consumer. Personally we don’t like this way of doing business (as a consumer), and as a merchant we’ve researched it and frankly….there’s too many things you are “supposed” to do to be compliant with the merchant agreements. So when it comes to our new food truck, what does this mean to you?

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Our Pre-Launch Survey Results

Through the month of November, we ran a quick survey for folks to provide us some valuable insight before we get our truck on the road. The survey is still open but the bulk of the responses are in and we promised to share some of them with you here in December. We can say the information was VERY useful to read and YES we did read every bit of the freeform feedback. As of this post we had over 100 people submit the survey, and many of which did opt in for the drawing which will happen later. Let’s start with the easy graphical responses before we get into the more detailed freeform ones.

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